If you've wondered what is meant by RPE or what you should feel like during a particular RPE, here is a handy chart for you to share online. RPE is "Rate of Perceived Exertion" during your workout.

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RPE scale


The Largest Collection of iFit Coach Master Series on the internet!

Stop wasting time searching on your machine, the app, Facebook page or iFit blog site - none of which have as many Coach Workout Series, and don't allow you to quickly search to find the Master Series links.

  • Your machine doesn’t have all the Master Series and no way to search
  • iFit Coach App doesn’t have all the Master Series and no way to search
  • iFit Blog Master Lists has approximately 75 Coach Master Series and no way to search
  • iFit Library has approximately 51 Coach Master Series and no way to search
  • iFit Facebook Community page and no way to search

iRunMaps has 117 Coach Master Series and you can also search and filter in numerous ways on the site!

iRunMaps has nearly all the Coach Master Series for you to schedule on your own iFit equipped machines! You can quickly click and view all the workouts and schedule them whenever you want. You can do one or several. Along with our powerful search you can quickly find the exact workout you want filtering by: coach, distance, video time, incline, location, keywords, machine, type of workout (HIIT, Walking, Running, etc), machine type, difficulty level, map location, map listing, keyword and more.




After login, click Coach Videos > Treadmill, Incline Trailer and Elliptical Master Series

  1. Adriatic Sea Interval Series
  2. Alaska Chilkoot Trekking Series
  3. Alpine Summit Series
  4. Alps Beginner Series
  5. Antarctica Beginner Series
  6. Antarctica Climb Series
  7. Australian Adventure Series
  8. Australia Intro to Running
  9. Balkans 10k Training Series I
  10. Balkans 10k Training Series II
  11. Balkans Cultural Walks
  12. Balkans Terrain Training
  13. Bolivia Train to Terrain Series
  14. Bora Bora Bootcamp Series
  15. Boston Marathon Series
  16. Celebrate India Jogging Series
  17. Costa Rica 5k Training
  18. Costa Rica Cardio HIT Series
  19. Costa Rica Fast & Fit
  20. Costa Rica Walking Series
  21. Cross Training
  22. End of the World Series
  23. French Polynesian Bootcamp Series
  24. French Polynesian Fast & Fit Series
  25. Germany Holiday Walk & Jog Series
  26. Grand Canyon Hiking Series
  27. Grand Canyon South Rim to River Run Series
  28. Guided Walking Tours
  29. Hawaiian Island Endurance Series
  30. Hawaiian Islands Cross Training Series
  31. Hawaiian Islands Toning Series
  32. Hiking
  33. Iberian Beginner Running Series
  34. Iberian Cultural Walks
  35. Iberian Fast & Fit Series
  36. Iberian Total-Body Training Series
  37. Iceland Cardio HIIT Series
  38. Iceland Time Crunch
  39. Iceland Walking Series
  40. Inca Interval Series
  41. Inclines
  42. Intervals
  43. Italy HIIT Series
  44. Italy Interval Series
  45. Kauai Adventure Series
  46. Kauai Half Marathon
  47. Lake Tahoe Beginner Incline Series
  48. London Walking Series
  49. Mommy & Me Series
  50. Mount Kilimanjaro Summit Series
  51. Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Series
  52. Napali Coast Walking Series
  53. Norwegian Ski Endurance Series
  54. Norwegian Ski Interval Series
  55. NYC Invervals
  56. Parthenon Running Series
  57. Patagonia Running Series
  58. Patagonia Walk the World Series
  59. Red Rock HIIT Series
  60. Running
  61. Scotland Cultural Walks
  62. Scotland Running Series
  63. Scottish Highland Series
  64. Shanghai Mini Series
  65. Swiss Alps Summit Series
  66. Thailand Running Series
  67. Transalpine Running Series
  68. Turkey Cultural Walking Series
  69. Walking
  70. Wasatch mountain Ski HIIT Series
  71. Wasatch Mountain Skin Interval Series
  72. Wonders of India Walking Series
  73. Yoga


After login, click Coach Videos > Treadmill, Incline Trainer and Ellipticals Master Series then click "studio" in the top tags area

  1. Basic Mobility Series
  2. Fast & Fit
  3. Incline HIIT
  4. Level Up Bootcamp Series
  5. Newcomer Weight Loss Series
  6. Next Level Series
  7. Quick Sweat Series
  8. Shred, Sweat & Burn Series
  9. Strong & Fit Series


After login, click Coach Videos > Bike Master Series

  1. Aerobic Base Builder Series
  2. Barcelona HIIT Series
  3. Bay Area Incline Series
  4. Chile Climbing Series
  5. Chilean Adventure Series
  6. Mallorca Performance Series
  7. Moab Beginner Series
  8. Moab Trail Rides
  9. New Zealand Mountain Series
  10. New Zealand Adventure Series
  11. Next Level Biking Series
  12. Norwegian Interval Series
  13. Pacific Northwest Tour
  14. ProForm Studio Bike Classes
  15. Progressive Power Series
  16. Road Rides
  17. Strong & Lean Series
  18. Switzerland Cycle Series
  19. Switzerland KOM Series
  20. Switzerland Mountain Series
  21. Tour of Utah 2019
  22. Turkey Endurance Series
  23. Norwegian Weight Loss
  24. Trail Rides
  25. Ultimate Bootcamp Series
  26. Weight Loss Journey Series


After login, click Coach Videos > Rowing Master Series

  1. 20 Minutes to Toned Series
  2. England Performance Series
  3. Full Body HIIT Training
  4. Getting Started with Rowing
  5. Next Level Rowing
  6. Performance Series
  7. Shred & Burn
  8. Zambia Beginner Series
  9. Zambia Endurance Series


Using the Alphabetical Search, Keyword Search and Filtered Results Search


Using the Coach Master Series Collection Search


Using the Coach Location Searches



  • Hundreds of Master Series Collections to search through
  • Search for Tommy Rivers Puzey, John Peel, Hannah Eden and all your other favorite iFit Coaches
  • Schedule from your laptop, desktop or phone WITHOUT having to stand on your machine wasting time searching
  • Search and narrow down MULTIPLE attributes (coach, distance, elevation, location, incline, features, etc) in ONE search
  • "Favorite" workouts on our site to quickly find them again and again and add to your schedule

NOTE: The majority of Coach Videos will only work on iFit equipped machines made since approximately 2018. Older iFit Machines can use the Map Search as well as the retrofitted iFit Videos.

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Here's what we cover:

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Viewing Live Workouts on an external monitor or TV
Adding additional users

Change your speed or elevation during a workout

Exporting workout data
Getting workouts on your machine AKA “Schedule Workout”
Managing your schedule

How to tell where Google Has Street View
Drawing an iFit Map
How to Search & Schedule iFit Maps

Viewing map workouts on your machine – Map View, Street View, Satellite View


DISCLAIMER: This FREE eBook from iRunMaps is simply a helpful resource to help you get up and running quicker with your iFit® equipped machine. iRunMaps is not affiliated with iFit® in any way. iFit® is a registered Trademark of ICON Health & Fitness. Along with your FREE eBook, we'll also let you know what's going on with iRunMaps - generally ONLY 3-4 emails A YEAR!

Need instructions on something else using iFit? Drop us a message and we'll consider doing a video or written instructions on how to do it.

We understand. It's no fun working out on iFit without street view. But how do you know if they area you're mapping has street view or not. There are several ways for you to check, but we'll just be showing you how to check through iFit.

Login to iFit.com from your laptop or desktop. When you create a map you'll go to:

  1. Create > Map Based Workout
  2. Give it a name, select run or cycle
  3. On the next screen enter the location or city name you want to map
  4. Switch the "Street View Availability" button to ON. All the blue lines are where Google has captured Street View.

Now zoom in or out and draw along the blue lines shown on the map. These blue lines are where Google has captured street view.

The Largest Collection of iFit Master Series in One Place!

  • Your machine doesn’t have all the Master Series and no way to search
  • iFit Blog Master Lists has approximately 75 Coach Master Series and no way to search
  • iFit Library has approximately 51 Coach Master Series and no way to search
  • iFit Facebook Community page and no way to search
  • iFit Coach App doesn’t have all the Master Series and no way to search

iRunMaps has 117 Coach Master Series and you can also search and filter in numerous ways!


*You must have an iFit® "Coach Membership" and compatible equipment in order to search and download maps from our site. We are not affiliated with iFit®, Google Inc., Google Maps, The Color Runs or Rock N Roll Runs in any way, and simply want a place for users, like us, to get the most enjoyment out of their equipment. All maps are hand-drawn and therefore may contain errors and are not to be considered "Official" maps. If you see an error or have a suggestion, please email us