by map, coach, location, distance, features, incline and elevation IN ONE SEARCH - drill down to the exact workout map you want!


all 7 continents WITH street view - hiking trails, national parks, historic ruins, castles, beaches, deserted islands and more!


from under a mile to the 112 mile IronMan Bike route - find the exact distance you want - stop wasting time drawing!


maps for your iFit equipped treadmill, elliptical, TDF, bike, rower and incline trainer - if it uses iFit you can use these maps!

iRunMaps FeaturesiRunMaps allows you to search for the exact workout you want


Coach Videos

Search for your favorite iFit Coach Videos including John Peel, Hannah Eden, Tommy Rivers Puzey, etc AND further narrow down by location, distance, etc. Schedule them out as far as you want then favorite them to quickly find them again.


Powerful Search

iRunMaps allows multiple parameters in one powerful search! Entries have photos, distance, elevation, incline, and some even have descriptions and reviews so you know what to expect!


Unique Locations

Ancient Ruins, Deserted or Tropical Islands, Famous Castles, Bridges, Holy Lands, Egyptian Pyramids, Machu Picchu and more


Marathons, Halfs, 10k and 5k's

Boston, San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, Rock N Roll Runs, Kona Ironman, Half Marathons, 10ks, Color Run 5ks and more!




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2,500+ Maps with Street View

Access maps on all 7 continents with Google Street View for your iFit equipped machine


National Parks

Mostly trails in Sequoia, Arches, Canyonlands, Acadia, Bryce, Zion, Mt Rainier, Redwood, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Olympic, Dry Tortugas, Mesa Verde, Haleakala, etc


Map Search

Looking for a workout in a specific location - you can search the exact location on the map or input the city, state or country


Map Collections

le Tour de France, Backpack Europe, 7 Wonders of the World, Castles, Disney, Grand Canyon, Color Run, Rock N Roll Marathon, and many more!


iRunMaps Innovation

The ONLY place where you can search MULTIPLE attributes in one search - videos and maps also have photos from the route! Schedule these maps for your iFit equipped Treadmill, Incline Trainer, Elliptical, Bike, TDF or Rower. If you have an iFit Coach Membership, you can use these maps. Workout using Coach Videos or Google street view to see new and exciting places!

How Our Site Works

Our site is a search engine format that allows you to quickly and easily select multiple parameters and search for the exact map you want to workout to. Simply add the map to your iFit schedule and it will appear on your equipment under Maps.

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Customers Reviews

"iRunMaps has played a HUGE part in keeping me motivated each morning. I enjoy visiting different areas of the world. I suck at drawing maps, really, so this is well worth the price to have access to trails, mountains, beaches, cities. I highly recommend iRunMaps."

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Who We Are

We are a community based website that is run by an iFit user like you! Early on we saw the need for the ability to search for the exact map you want WITH STREET VIEW. We've loved researching and creating unique and off-the-beaten-path maps since 2011.

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