using iFit

  • Your machine should allow you to override the speed and incline no matter what workout you are doing. For this example, we are showing you how to adjust your speed and incline when using an iFit map workout.

    Your machine may look a bit differently, but should have capabilities to adjust the incline and speed, as you can see on my NordicTrack C2150 Treadmill pictured below.

    On the left are the incline settings from -3% decline to 15% incline. Then I can also set the incline/decline in smaller increments by incline/decline button and up and down buttons. Your machine will automatically adjust to the inclines and declines of the map terrain you are doing.

    On the right are the speed settings from 1 - 12 mph. Again the speed button at the bottom allows me to adjust the speed in smaller increments.

    You can also click "Stop" to take a break or stop the machine. When you click the machine, you will only have 9:59 minutes to take a break before the machine logs you out of that workout.

    COOL TIP!! If you have a specific speed you want to run - say 6.3 mph - very quickly hit the 6 then the 3 and it will go to 6.3 MPH!



    Once you override the incline settings of a mapped workout, you will see the "Follow Workout" button appear on the left side. If you want to follow the incline and decline of the mapped route, simply click the "Follow Workout" button the screen and the button will go away.




    These are BASIC instructions for how to get started drawing a simple iFit map.

    1. Go to and login to your account.

    2. In the top menu, hover over the CREATE button and click "Map Based Workout"

    3. Type a Workout Name

    4. Choose the Activity Type: Run or Cycle
    NOTE: The term "Run"applies to walking, treadmill workouts, elliptical, incline trainers. The term "Cycle" is for all bikes and TDF bikes.

    5. You can Schedule a date and include more options on this page if you'd like or leave it as is. Click NEXT

    6. Enter Search Location where you want to draw your map (ie: Kona, Hawaii) and hit enter. You will see the location appear on the map to your right.

    7. For beginners, I recommend having "Click to Road" ON. This will make drawing much easier and quicker as the route you click will snap to the main routes/roads.

    I also recommend having the "Street View Availability" ON. This ensures you will have street view as long as you are drawing your route on areas highlighted with blue. NOTE: Google has NOT captured all roads and trails.

    Click on a road to make your starting point of your route.

    How to draw an iFit Maps

    8. Zoom in or out using the + or - and the arrow keys on the map to navigate in other directions. In the bottom right, you should be able to see the street view as your drawing. If there is no image showing, this means there is no street view available.

    Beneath the map, you can view the elevation of your route as you are drawing.

    9. Keep clicking and you will now see a light blue path where the route is. In the top area, you will see the total miles, elevation, estimated time and calories as you add to the route.

    10. Save Route. It will process and allow you to Schedule Workout on your computer and thus on your iFit exercise equipment.


    You can filter through thousands of maps by using either the Keyword Search OR Filter Results on the SEARCH page. Enter in any keyword (marathon, 5k, 4.9 mi, London, castle, beach, trail, island, etc)

    keyword-search 1


    On the SEARCH page, you can filter and narrow down from thousands of maps! The more specific you are, the less results you will see. The less fields you enter information into, the broader your results will be.

    filter 1

    1. Category (Location) - narrow down the continent, country or state. Keep typing to add more than 1 location
    2. Street View - select on Yes or Areas with/without
    3. Features - choose which features you're looking for in your workout (beach, incline, city, trail, etc)
    4. Miles - choose the distance range(s) you want or input the exact miles
    5. Incline - select the max incline you want or input the exact incline
    6. Elevation - select the max elevation you want or input the exact elevation
    7. Click "Search" button


    On the MAP SEARCH page you can perform the following searches:

    1. Location - Enter in a country, state, city
    2. Radius - Enter a number to search in km or miles
    3. Click Search

    From the results, click on a pinpoint location and it will display the map name. Click on the map name to take you to the entry or click on the star to favorite it and look at it or do it later.

    map search 1


    1. Go to and login to your account.
    2. Return to and find the workout you want to add to your iFit machine schedule.
    3. Click on the name of the map route OR View Details to take you to the details page.


    4. Click on the link towards the bottom that starts with


    5. When the new window pops up, click "Schedule Workout" and it will add to your iFit Schedule. Now go to your machine, click the "Maps" button and you'll see the workout you added.

    schedule workout

  • Google has NOT captured street view in all areas. To check if the area you are running has street view, click here. (be sure to bookmark it). If your workout has been drawn in an area that hasn't had street view captured, it will say something like "No Imagery Here" or "No Street View available here".

    These are BASIC instructions for how to view street view on your iFit Compatible (built in screen) equipment.

    1. Turn on your machine and login
    2. Click on the Maps button
    3. Click on the Map Workout you would like to do from your list and begin your route.
    4. Your equipment has the options of showing Map, Street and Satellite views. It will automatically display Map view, then Street view, then Satellite view unless you touch the screen and button you want it to lock on. (IE: push the Street button on your touch screen and it will stay on Street View. You can also click the Lock/Unlock button to the right of Satellite to have it lock on whatever view it is currently displaying.

    Map view is shown below:



    Street View is shown below and is LOCKED so it will display only Street View the entire workout:street-view


    Satellite View is shown below:


    Below are instructions for how to view your workout on an external monitor (iPad, Laptop, tablet, TV) while you're working out.

    iFit Live Workout runs on a computer using a browser, thus if you want to view on a TV, it would need to be connected to a laptop or PC. If using a TV, turn it on, turn on the connected computer, then:

    Get on your machine, login, select your map and START your workout.

    On your iPad, Laptop, etc go to (good idea to Bookmark this) OR go to, at the top right in your menu bar you will see the "Live Workout" appear. Click on it.

    NOTE: You will only see the workout once the machine has started.



    After you are on the Live Workout page, you should see something like this: