Google has NOT captured street view in all areas. To check if the area you are running has street view, click here. (be sure to bookmark it). If your workout has been drawn in an area that hasn't had street view captured, it will say something like "No Imagery Here" or "No Street View available here".

These are BASIC instructions for how to view street view on your iFit Compatible (built in screen) equipment.

  1. Turn on your machine and login
  2. Click on the Maps button
  3. Click on the Map Workout you would like to do from your list and begin your route.
  4. Your equipment has the options of showing Map, Street and Satellite views. It will automatically display Map view, then Street view, then Satellite view unless you touch the screen and button you want it to lock on. (IE: push the Street button on your touch screen and it will stay on Street View. You can also click the Lock/Unlock button to the right of Satellite to have it lock on whatever view it is currently displaying.

Map view is shown below:



Street View is shown below and is LOCKED so it will display only Street View the entire workout:street-view


Satellite View is shown below: